Susan C. Walker

My philosophy regarding the design and wearing of jewelry is derived from a quote by Coco Chanel. It goes something like this: “Jewelry isn’t meant to make you look rich, it is meant to adorn you.”

The jewelry a person chooses to wear has a way of telegraphing a point of view to others without uttering a word . It comes from a place of power and confidence. It is unaffected and a true definition of personal style. This is the sort of woman I hope to appeal to in my work.

As a longtime metal smith, I design and hand-fabricate every item that comes out of my studio. I believe my clients recognize an intangible essence in each piece because of this. I am a tactile and impatient sort and designing on paper only to hand the work off to an anonymous craftsperson in a far off land does not appeal to my nature. My vision is born and made in the USA. This also gives me complete control over the execution of the design. Nothing is lost in translation.

I generally design a piece after assessing the raw materials available to me. I assemble metals, loose cut stones, pearls, semi-precious beads and found objects from man and nature and set about the making of each piece so that I may behold the finished object as soon as humanly possible.

The result is a finished piece of jewelry that turns out to be a sort of collaboration between creator and wearer.

Each piece is one of a kind as is the person who chooses it.

For pricing, email inquieries to or text to 970-618-0927

I also paint. For that, go to Instagram @susanwalkerdesign

PHONE: 970-618-0927